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Everything to do with Danball Senki, Inazuma Eleven and Pokémon and JRPG's!! Pretty much any cool anime/game haha!!

Persona 4 X Persona 3!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! The first episode of Persona 4 The Golden Animation is AMAZING!!!!! Here’s hoping that we see some more awesome crossovers!!!!


Sawamura Eijun. No matter expression he has on his face I still find him cute. I love his character because he’s strong, accepts his mistakes [that time when he first met Chris-senpai] and whatever he’s facing he tries his best to overcome it. And most of all, he is freaking hilarious. Sure he’s a bit of an idiot, but I guess that’s because his still a kid.

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Although Free! attracted a lot of negative attention thanks to its devotion to fan-service, I happened to enjoy it. So naturally I am rather excited for the second series ‘Eternal Summer’. Yes I know I am still out of date I am trying to catch up but there is a new character!! Yamazaki Sosuke!! A good friend of Rin’s he appears to be a cool and collected character. And we shall learn more on 2 July!! Just over two weeks argh!!!! I can’t wait!! May just have to marathon the first series the day before haha!!

So after a sleepless last night, I was thinking about projects for my summer holiday. I already have a stack of books to read, games to play and anime series to watch. So I though hey why don’t I start review some of these things? I still haven’t made up my mind whether or not to do this but if you have suggestions of what you might like to see in these reviews drop me a message. Happy holidays guys enjoy the sunshine! 

Finally! I managed to finish a manga self portrait haha. Hope you all like it haha. Now back to Danball Senki. I currently have pencil sketches of Kazu, Rina and Takuya. Just need to scan them in, vector them… oh and then paint them! Man I need to start working haha


happy leave your kid to be a hunter day

Just how innocent is Gon haha

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My first Pokémon wallpaper to celebrate the end of my first year at university! Only two more years left now! Sorry for the low resolution though guys I have an old monitor haha

Team Kent & Ikki vs. Team Toma & Shin - Table Hockey 

OMG its been ages since I last watched Amnesia!! The only downfall of this anime was the nameless heroine I think, but it was still very enjoyable. Especially seeing the different characters falling in love with her haha. And then there was Toma’s weird obsession with the cage haha

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There's no meaningful difference between a real and virtual world. It's pointless to ask people who they really are.

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fire in the water
is the body of our love
nobody should see this
the freeness of the light (x)

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